Careful for Chinese characters that are ON you!

To choose a Chinese character as your tattoo or on your T-shirt can be very cool and badass, but this also can be a showcase of bravery. A lot of Chinese characters are mistranslated when it comes to tattoos. Also, unlike T-shirts, tattoos are with you for a very long time.  Continue reading “Careful for Chinese characters that are ON you!”


Is Leap Year that special?

Today is Feb. 29: the weirdest day and the best day. I feel weird and kind of annoying because you always need to remember to re-adjust your watch. It is also the best day because you somehow feel today is an extra day as a bonus. You don’t necessarily feel heavy duty and responsibility in a way.

I personally as a Chinese didn’t feel the blessing before. The wonderful feeling is from people around me today.  Continue reading “Is Leap Year that special?”

Why is Overseas Purchasing so popular?

Believe it or not, there are a lot of Chinese students work as purchasing agents while study aboard. They can make up to 1500 to 2000 USD per month. For a huge income like this, the workload is pretty low. Just go shopping for a few times at fancy malls and go to UPS to ship it back to China, then money will come to you. It is the price difference that they make money from.  Continue reading “Why is Overseas Purchasing so popular?”

Why I am not in Beijing now!!!

This week starting from Sunday, Feb. 7 is the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) holiday week. Chinese just go home for reunion no matter what is their obstacle. Since the megacity Beijing has so much population that comes from outside of the city. I would say nearly half of the city’s population would leave town. So Beijing in this particular week would be empty, literally empty. Isn’t that wonderful!! No traffic jam, no car horns, no bumping in the subway. Heaven!!

Continue reading “Why I am not in Beijing now!!!”

Inaccurate statement in a news post

According to Euromonitor, Hong Kong became the most popular travel place in the world, following by London and Singapore. Macau and Shenzhen were also listed as top 10. I should have felt proud of the figure. I did, but when I click on the picture. I just felt a little bit offended.  Continue reading “Inaccurate statement in a news post”