Trip to Edinburgh: Taking Perfect Tourist Photos

I have always thought that I know how to take good tourist photos, but I was so slapped in the face during this trip by my new besties. Shame on me. But now that I have learned so much from them, I am gonna share it.  Continue reading “Trip to Edinburgh: Taking Perfect Tourist Photos”


Trip to Edinburgh: “U” in the “UK” and Scots

My trip to Edinburgh gave me a strong sense of how Brits view the idea of “nation”. “U” in the “UK” means united, literally, but not the way I have always understand. The four nations, England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, are just united together towards the outside world, but within, they are just so different, and I feel like that they refused to integrate as one.

I have noticed multiple times there that whenever there is a Union Jack, there is a Scottish flag right next to it. In many introductory paragraphs I read in the Castle, in the museums, only the word “Scot” or “Scottish” made it presence and almost never the word “UK”.  Continue reading “Trip to Edinburgh: “U” in the “UK” and Scots”

Trip to Edinburgh: magic or fantasy?

I just came back from a three-day-two-night trip to Edinburgh. The city made me feel that I am in the land of sorcery, and there is more magic than fantasy.

We managed to see most of the tourist attractions and they all look very gothic to me. Moreover, some of the attractions reminded me of a TV series Merlin and some other ones, Harry PotterContinue reading “Trip to Edinburgh: magic or fantasy?”

Travel Diary: Cambridge

In 46minutes by train, I arrived at Cambridge and luckily it was an amazing sunny day. Actually, the most sunniest day (don’t know if this is proper English, but I don’t really care, I am just super delighted) I had in England for a month. All in all… Continue reading “Travel Diary: Cambridge”

My First Month in LONDON… Loved it!!!

I have spent one whole month in London now and I have completely fallen in love with the city. There are many things that are just like what it was shown in the movies but I also found so many things I didn’t know before. London has definitely become my favorite place. Beijing, my hometown, cannot compete with this amazing city, which is the first time I have ever thought that way.

Continue reading “My First Month in LONDON… Loved it!!!”

Getting Ready for my next year in London

After two years studying in the US, I am very happy to announce that I will spend the next year in London, Harrow to be exact, for my graduate degree.

I have got my flight ready, visa almost ready, now it’s time to do the most important thing — Packing!!! I can proudly say that I am an experienced packer, and this blog post is me sharing packing tips.  Continue reading “Getting Ready for my next year in London”

Heading home!!

Now I am writing this post in Doha while waiting for my flight to Beijing. I just left Europe 10 hours ago. I don’t really feel too much leaving Europe but getting more and more exciting for going back to Beijing. It has been 11 months.

So my journey continues but in my beloved hometown Beijing from now on. I have about 6 weeks in Beijing for summer vacation. Can’t wait for the food and family and friends and everything!!