Recipe: Bachelor’s One-pot Porridge

FullSizeRender 4I am really interested in sharing recipes now, and there is a good reason for this. We are at the very end of this semester and many deadlines made me alarmed. At this time of the year, a delicately cooked meal is a luxury. Easy and fast cooking meal is what I rely on now. What I am sharing today is my new favorite. It is even better than my wrap-to-go from certain aspects.

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Recipe: Healthy Bachelor’s Wrap-to-go

I have always been struggling with eating quickly/conveniently and eating healthily/nutritiously. This is a dilemma anyone who lives alone is facing all the time. In order to not spend too much time on cooking, I sometimes will have to sacrifice on the richness of my food. I could live with this from time to time when I am in a rush, but I have been telling myself that this should not be the routine of my life.

I recently find one recipe a good solution to this issue. The recipe is both an easy cooking dish and a low calorie healthy food. Another important point about this recipe is that it tends to help you save a lot of time. I call it bachelor’s wrap-to-go.

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My grocery haul: how much it costs in supermarkets? Not much, actually!

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My grocery haul for half a week

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City Exploring Diary: Southbank Centre Food Market

It is not pleasant at all when you have to go out on a cold and rainy day, but good food and a beer always compensate that. I briefly explored the food market at the Southbank Centre, London this afternoon, and found a little paradise for street food.