A Very Cold Adventure

Annual Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park just came back since last weekend, and we decided to throw an unique birthday party for a friend. Unique as in freezing cold… Continue reading “A Very Cold Adventure”


My grocery haul: how much it costs in supermarkets? Not much, actually!

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My grocery haul for half a week

Living in London by oneself is not easy. For students, besides devoting to study, one also has the responsibility to take care of his or her own life. Cooking as well as grocery shopping, to be fair, is the most important yet challenging part of that.  Continue reading “My grocery haul: how much it costs in supermarkets? Not much, actually!”

City Exploring Diary: Southbank Centre Food Market

It is not pleasant at all when you have to go out on a cold and rainy day, but good food and a beer always compensate that. I briefly explored the food market at the Southbank Centre, London this afternoon, and found a little paradise for street food.


My Remembrance Day: Imperial War Museum


My remembrance day started with a visit to the Imperial War Museum (IWM) in London. This is organized by our professor trying to expand our knowledge on what have learnt in class. She picked this particular date so that there is a bigger impact for us.

Thanks to the visit, I get the chance to visit this museum which I would probably never get enough courage to.

Continue reading “My Remembrance Day: Imperial War Museum”

Gender Neutral Toilet Experience

I was listening to a BBC radio 4 program talking about gender issue in the UK over the decades and some transgender people as guests sharing their experience and feelings. It was an eye-opening and horizon-broadening program. I am sure I still can not fully empathize with what they must feel in a world that is not very friendly to trans.

However, the program reminded me of  my experience using gender neutral toilet. Although I have used gender neutral toilet multiple times at many places, I have never thought about it seriously. Continue reading “Gender Neutral Toilet Experience”