Recipe: Healthy Bachelor’s Wrap-to-go

I have always been struggling with eating quickly/conveniently and eating healthily/nutritiously. This is a dilemma anyone who lives alone is facing all the time. In order to not spend too much time on cooking, I sometimes will have to sacrifice on the richness of my food. I could live with this from time to time when I am in a rush, but I have been telling myself that this should not be the routine of my life.

I recently find one recipe a good solution to this issue. The recipe is both an easy cooking dish and a low calorie healthy food. Another important point about this recipe is that it tends to help you save a lot of time. I call it bachelor’s wrap-to-go.

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My First Month in LONDON… Loved it!!!

I have spent one whole month in London now and I have completely fallen in love with the city. There are many things that are just like what it was shown in the movies but I also found so many things I didn’t know before. London has definitely become my favorite place. Beijing, my hometown, cannot compete with this amazing city, which is the first time I have ever thought that way.

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My first Skate tubing experience and my first school bus ride

My friends and I went to skate tubing two weeks ago. It was so much fun. This is actually my first time doing this. I never tried this in China before.

I am afraid of height actually, so I scream like hell the first two slide down. My friends were deafen by me, and they mocked me relentlessly on our ride back. ūüė¶

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Bottomline in class

I recently noticed a girl knitting in one of my class. The professor seemed perfectly ok with this. Doing things this casual in class in China can be very disrespectful. From my experiences with professors from many different places, it seems every culture or even say every individual has their own taboo and bottomline in class. Continue reading “Bottomline in class”

On Alzheimer’s: facts and alternative options

Alzheimer’s disease takes more than memories. It’s taking life. Raising awareness and multiple alternative options for care makes the situation better for patients.

Alzheimer‚Äôs disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. From 2000 to 2013, Alzheimer‚Äôs death has increased 71%.¬†Alzheimer‚Äôs is deadly partly because people have less awareness of it. It is hard for people who have few experiences with Alzheimer‚Äôs disease to imagine what it is like. Patients normally begin to suffer memory deterioration and then reasoning deterioration. After five to twenty years, patients become emotionally flat and finally vacant. Patients become ‚Äúliving dead‚ÄĚ and require full-time care. A low disclosure rate makes this disease even more deadly. Comparing to cancer‚Äôs 90% disclosure rate , only 45% of people with Alzheimer‚Äôs disease or their caregivers report being told of their diagnosis. Continue reading “On Alzheimer’s: facts and alternative options”