Some issues about Mandarin

I recently figured out a thing about Mandarin. It is not like what I used to think about it. People in the U.S. use “Mandarin” to refer to the Chinese language. I didn’t even notice it before. This is sort of an exception but it is also reasonable in a way. 

People use English, French, Spanish, German. Those are all a different form of the word for the name of the country. So I automatically thought Chinese should just be Chinese. But on a second thought, it is just not accurate. Besides Mandarin, there are also Cantonese and Southern Fujian Dialect. People use all those dialects in different parts of China.

Instead of dialects, they are more like different languages. I am from the north part of China, and we use Mandarin and dialects that are very similar to Mandarin. To me, cantonese is almost like a whole new language. I don’t understand it just by listening, and I can barely read it. I have to admit, using Mandarin is much better than just call it Chinese. Good to know.

So this is the happy part. I also have something that I have to mock. I have seen some TV series and films include lines in Mandarin. The idea of using Mandarin is either Chinese people involved or just want to exclude others because few people know Mandarin. But please practice more before you start to show off. As a native speaker, I am just like “what…” The pronunciation is always just awful.



Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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