What it really means growing up? (cont.)

After my last post, I have been thinking more about the idea of growing up and I came up with more, sad and happy ones.

No one is gonna be your BFF but loneliness. They tend to fade away in your life.

I gradually learned not to feel too sad about this over these years. I have had many really good friends. I have called some of them my Best Friend Forever, and it’s an honor for me that they felt the same way back. But. Well, there is always a “but” in this kind of situation. Continue reading “What it really means growing up? (cont.)”


Besides of age driving and drinking, what it really means growing up?

Do you ever have those moments, when you suddenly realize that you have grown up? I have, and I have encountered several of those quite recently. Saying growing up, I don’t just simply mean that I am of age to drive and drink. Also, I don’t think someone can just grow up in days. It takes time and the changes of a person from within will gradually show themselves.

We was doing an interview with a mom/student/boss talking about her study abroad experience for an assignment. We were shooting b-rolls of her face-timing with her three-year-old daughter. They were singing children’s songs together and the daughter said “I miss you mom. When will you come back?” I thought of my own parents at that moments and my vision was blurred. Looking at my group members, they all had tears in their eyes like I did. Unlike the daughter, I said to myself “I miss home. When can I go back?” It is just sad to think about. Do I go back home or go back in time when I was younger and careless. Isn’t this just the pain of growing up?  Continue reading “Besides of age driving and drinking, what it really means growing up?”

Gender Neutral Toilet Experience

I was listening to a BBC radio 4 program talking about gender issue in the UK over the decades and some transgender people as guests sharing their experience and feelings. It was an eye-opening and horizon-broadening program. I am sure I still can not fully empathize with what they must feel in a world that is not very friendly to trans.

However, the program reminded me of  my experience using gender neutral toilet. Although I have used gender neutral toilet multiple times at many places, I have never thought about it seriously. Continue reading “Gender Neutral Toilet Experience”

Cultural Adjustment Experiences

Sojourners, people who stay in a new country generally need to adjust and adapt into a new culture. I am experiencing it right now. Comforting from friends and trying to be open to new environment definitely helped. I want to share this video story to let more people know about this.  Continue reading “Cultural Adjustment Experiences”

China’s New Year Holiday Travel is not as horrible as bloomberg.com said

I recently read a news post on bloomberg.com. I was disappointed about their wording. The reporter was just exaggerating. It was not accurate judging from my experience.

“In China, getting a ticket home for the Lunar New Year can feel a bit like winning the lottery. ” This was the lead. It was never that difficult. Media coverage is all about those poor guys who didn’t get their tickets but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the majority of people don’t get their tickets. The mean world syndrome is kicking in in this situation. A few extremes don’t give you the broad picture.  Continue reading “China’s New Year Holiday Travel is not as horrible as bloomberg.com said”

My opinion about Kung-fu Panda 3

I almost forgot to talk about Kung-fu Panda. My friends and I actually went to see it the first day it aired. The third one in this series was the first one I saw in English actually. I saw the first two in China and it was Chinese dubbing.

About Kung-fu Panda 3, I found it was pretty good. It surprised me. Continue reading “My opinion about Kung-fu Panda 3”

My first SuperBowl experience

I found something interesting and new to me from SuperBowl. I didn’t actually watched it because I know nothing about the rules, but I did search on YouTube for the Lady Gaga’s national anthem performance, commercials and halftime show. Continue reading “My first SuperBowl experience”