Heading home!!

Now I am writing this post in Doha while waiting for my flight to Beijing. I just left Europe 10 hours ago. I don’t really feel too much leaving Europe but getting more and more exciting for going back to Beijing. It has been 11 months.

So my journey continues but in my beloved hometown Beijing from now on. I have about 6 weeks in Beijing for summer vacation. Can’t wait for the food and family and friends and everything!!


Why I am not in Beijing now!!!

This week starting from Sunday, Feb. 7 is the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) holiday week. Chinese just go home for reunion no matter what is their obstacle. Since the megacity Beijing has so much population that comes from outside of the city. I would say nearly half of the city’s population would leave town. So Beijing in this particular week would be empty, literally empty. Isn’t that wonderful!! No traffic jam, no car horns, no bumping in the subway. Heaven!!

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China in Americans’ minds

There are a thousand China in a thousand people’s eyes. What Chinese people think about the outsiders opinion to us can be totally different with the real Western minds. As an international student, I witnessed misunderstandings. Due to shallow understanding or even lack of knowledge, the Chinese stereotypes  root in American people’s mind.  Continue reading “China in Americans’ minds”