A Weekend in Athens

I remember a few things about Athens and Greece in general. Firstly, hot!! It was already very hot when we traveled there. I can’t even imagined what I would be like in August. Though AC is provided in restaurants and some places, but it is not strong enough. I was still sweating. So Greece is so grease indeed. 

Secondly, they don’t take credit card at all, and the ATMs don’t always work, so bring cash with you before you go. Some restaurants says VISA accepted, but when paying the bill, they just tell you the machine is not working. Who knows. I had enough cash with me, but my friends had hard time trying to pull out cash from the ATMs. Just take enough cash with you, it saves time and energy. Trust me, you don’t want to walk any extra  step, it is just so freaking hot.

Thirdly, Everything look so old and it seemed to me that they don’t protect the old building appropriately. True, the temples and theaters are supposed to be old, very old. I get that. But the metro and the bus are also very old. The modern buildings are also old and made me feel that the city is kind of dying.

Fourthly, even I don’t really like the city in general, I enjoyed the food greatly. Every traditional dishes is worth trying. You won’t regret trying it, but regret not to. Spinach pie is my favorite. With a yogurt with honey and fruit, you will have an amazing breakfast or say brunch. We had a hard time getting up early, haha~

Travel  wise, the major sites we went to was Acropolis and Lykavittos Hill. I really enjoyed these two places. The history just unfold right in front of you. It feels somehow different. I come from China and we had such a rich culture and history. In theory, I should be used to this, but actually no. That is another civilization very different from ours. Being able to see what was only in my history textbook is absolutely an amazing experience.

We did go to the beach but only spent about two hours total. I only put my feet into the sea water. The sea cooled me in just one second. Felt so nice!!

Pity we didn’t go to Santorini or an island. A ferry ride would probably make this trip much better. Well, save it for the next time. Santorini, maybe for honeymoon~


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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