Recipe: Healthy Bachelor’s Wrap-to-go

I have always been struggling with eating quickly/conveniently and eating healthily/nutritiously. This is a dilemma anyone who lives alone is facing all the time. In order to not spend too much time on cooking, I sometimes will have to sacrifice on the richness of my food. I could live with this from time to time when I am in a rush, but I have been telling myself that this should not be the routine of my life.

I recently find one recipe a good solution to this issue. The recipe is both an easy cooking dish and a low calorie healthy food. Another important point about this recipe is that it tends to help you save a lot of time. I call it bachelor’s wrap-to-go.


To start with, you will need the following ingredients. By the way, you don’t have to follow mine, you can use almost whatever vegetable you fond to make this wrap.

Besides, what I state below are good for four big wraps, and this is what I mean by time-saving. Wrap them up and keep them refrigerated. Just use the microwave to heat it up before eating. Then, I am good to go for lunch for almost a week. To be honest, this also saves me a lot of money.

Enough about the advantages, let’s get started with the actual cooking part!

Preparing Ingredients


  • Chicken breasts 200g   (actually, you can go more or less or none)

Cut the meat into strips. Season them with chili powder, curry powder and salt. Cook until well-done. Leave in a bowl for later use.

  • Tortilla Wraps *4 (you can find them easily from almost any supermarket)
  • Egg *2

Boil them until fully-cooked and cut into quadrants. You can delete this. I add it only for the nutrition.

  • Veggie strips/slices, use as rich of color as you can. It looks pleased to the eyes.

celery sticks *3, bell peppers (half of a red one, half orange, half yellow), half of a carrot, mushroom (6 to 8, depending on size), tomato *1

  • Heinz BBQ sauce

I personally prefer this one to go with my cooked chicken breast, but I believe yellow mustard or mayonnaise should also taste devine.


Wrap them All Up!

ready to wrap

Make sure you keep all the filling stay in the upper-middle part of the wrap.


I will have one wrap for today’s lunch, so I leave it in a plate. The other three will be stored in containers and keep refrigerated for the following days. I will just take one with me when I leave my room in the morning for class. They are tasty and it’s perfect for short breaks between classes. Only one thing to keep in mind. You might want to find a semi-private space to enjoy this alone. You won’t look super elegant eating this. And don’t forget to have tissues right beside you.






Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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