A Very Cold Adventure

Annual Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park just came back since last weekend, and we decided to throw an unique birthday party for a friend. Unique as in freezing cold…

The temperature was actually alright, about ten degree centigrade in the day and two at night. We could cope with that with our thick wool jacket and scarves and all. But they started to get defenseless once we are in the cold wind for more than two hours.

Our adventure that night started with a night walk at Hyde Park, because we failed to do proper research. I am not complaining. It is still part of our unique experience. We got off the tube from South Kensington Station, a station of ten-minute walking to the south end of the park. And please note, the entire wonderland venue locates at the east end and please also bear in mind that Hyde Park is really big. So before we actually get to Winter Wonderland, we were already in the outdoor from quite some time. Again, not complaining. It was just cold.

Anyway, on our “march” to the venue, we managed to see the beautiful museum district and beautiful Christmas lights in the streets. We had a walk by the lake in Hyde Park and chased some sleepy swans. All of these happened before our actual adventure.

Once we get into the Winter Wonderland (btw free admission for general entrance), we started to understand what it really means when saying “Winter is coming”. Our birthday girl went on a ride called “Starflyer” with one of us, but me and another girl waited for almost 20 minutes before it actually flew up in the air. The fly journey itself was another 5 minutes or so. All I remember for that 25 minutes was that I can’t feel my ears any longer. One more time, not complaining. Our birthday girl was happy and that’s all I cared about. The Weekend was right in his song, “I can’t feel my face (ears actually) when I am with you. But I love it!”

Our cold adventure went on with an even colder activity in the “Bar Ice”. This was the surprise we prepared to our beloved birthday girl, but obviously we overlooked our ability to endure the harsh coldness.

Bar Ice is a bar just as the way it is named. Everything in it is made of ice: ice counter, ice table, ice decoration and ice cups. We did sing Happy Birthday, but with shivering voices. I timed our visit in there. We made it slightly more than 20 minutes. Heroic!! The bartender told me their shifts is every 30 minutes. I am quite content with our persistence. We are almost professional.

I would say the temperature in Bar Ice is probably lower than minus 10 degrees. I know it sound ridiculous but honestly, when we get out of the bar, we all felt the outside world is like a giant room with heating turned on.

That’s the end of our adventure and I do hope our birthday girl find this a memorable birthday. Again, happy birthday, Liying.


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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