Busy Weekend Around Geneva

My study abroad program is actually based in Geneva, but for the past few weekends, I have constantly traveled away from Geneva. I barely walked around Geneva even though I have been here for over 6 weeks. I decided to take a break and chill out in this past weekend. Initially I thought stay at home and probably study for a bit can be relaxing, but I ended up going out the whole weekend.

Our university took us to Art Basel, one of the biggest art fair in the world. The field trip took the whole day Friday. We traveled to Basel, which was a nearly 3-hour train ride one way. The art fair was indeed mind opening. I have been to a lot of museums but never art fair. New experience, great experience.  Continue reading “Busy Weekend Around Geneva”


A weekend in Paris: Baigner dans le coeur de Paris

This time, I went on the journey to Paris by myself. I needed time to be alone and I wanted to see my friends in Paris badly.

Approaching Paris on the flight, I was getting more and more exciting. Paris is for sure one of the greatest city in the world and I am a huge fan of the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Being able to see the great city and experience what Landon saw was absolutely amazing to me, let alone two friends that I haven’t seen for so long awaits me there.  Continue reading “A weekend in Paris: Baigner dans le coeur de Paris”

A weekend up in the mountain: Interlaken & Jungfraujoch

We went into the mountainous area of Switzerland. The view high up at the top of Europe was breathtaking. The scenery of the lakes was my favorite of all the places I went in these past few weekends.

Right when we arrived at Interlake Ost station, we directly chose to go up to the top of Europe, Jungfraujoch. The train up is pretty slow, but the view outside just completely attracts you, so you don’t really feel it is very slow. It was cloudy and slightly raining the day we went. Even so, the view was still breathtaking. I am so jealously of the local people who can live with the view day by day.

Continue reading “A weekend up in the mountain: Interlaken & Jungfraujoch”