A weekend in France: Travel Tips

1.Prepare adequate cash with you. A lot of places do not take credit card. Street artists and some restaurants did not, even my hostel did not. I took out some cash there. My bank charges me transaction fee and currency exchange fee.

2.Always have a debit card. Just in case you will need to withdraw cash, debit card is way better than credit card.

3.Don’t trust SNCF, train system in France. I missed two trains just in this trip. One is completely our fault but the other is because we trusted SNCF too much. As it is shown on the screen, the train would be ten minutes delayed. We didn’t rush and took our time, but the train left just one minute early, right in front of us. Although we managed to take another train without extra payment, the trouble still made me feel bad. In sum, SNCF wouldn’t apologize if the train is delayed, but it is completely your fault even if the train leaves early than scheduled.

4.Talk tough when negotiating with SNCF staff. That’s what we did when dealing with the train we missed. I believe the tough attitude we held made them change our train for free. It never hurts to try.

5.Manage your time for Nice and neighboring sites. We only spent the night and early morning in Nice. In my point of view, Èze and Monaco worth longer than Nice.

6.Hike up to Èze village. It is only an hour and half hiking. Not tiring (we made it in time in slippers and skirts and pouring rain) and it was much more fun and nicer view. We chose to take the bus down, which is safer in our circumstances.

7.Prepare for Monaco if you plan to go. Preparation includes clothes, food and time. Try to wear something nice, at least business casual attire for casino. Try not to eat in a restaurant in Monaco, because it is pretty expensive and the service is not good. Monaco needs more time than you think. It is your legs and feet you purely depend on in the city. I was told that Musée Océantique is worth going. Sadly we did’t had the time.





Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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