Two days in Amsterdam

My friends and I spent two days explore Amsterdam. I can proudly say I went to every place I wanted to go. Obviously, there are still a lot of interesting place worth exploring, but I am very content with my first time traveling in Amsterdam.

Besides what I mentioned in the little video above. There are so other things which were either mind-blowing or really worth sharing.

First of all, the country is truly the kingdom of bikes. I felt like bikers have the priority in the streets. They have they own bike lane. We didn’t know it is the bike lane, and we thought it was for pedestrians. Bikers honked at us, and some of them even say something very rude in an alien language with rude body gestures. Thought it was not us, we did run into several minor accidents when bikers rode to fast and bumped into pedestrians. So just don’t get in the way of bikers. They are people you never what to have trouble with. Well, maybe I exaggerated it, but that was how I felt and you get it.

Second of all, not everything in the Red Light District is about sex. They have a bunch of nice restaurants and bars, with some sexual transaction in some areas. I didn’t go there in the darkness, so I am not for sure if the night is different from the day time. (Amsterdam doesn’t get completely dark until like 11 p.m.)

Thirdly, we went to Anne Frank House. It is a museum worth going. I felt it was quite interesting. You can book your ticket online for before 3 p.m. tour. We tried to do that a few days ahead, so  we didn’t get it. We talked to people who tried to book a reservation 2 months ahead but he still failed. You know how popular this place is. Nevertheless, you can choose to wait inline outside of the museum. The tour actually starts from 3:20-ish, but you need to be there at least 40 minutes earlier. The line is just soooo long. We were there waiting at about 2:20, and we made it in the first group. So plan ahead~

Last but not the least, choose your hotel wisely. We booked a little bit late, so we stayed at a hotel which is an hour commute from central Amsterdam. It was literally another town nearby. You would definitely get tranquility if you stay at a place like that. But if you want the conveniency and to enjoy the night life in Amsterdam, find some one in the city!!

At the very end of this blog, most people in Amsterdam speak amazing English. No worries!! It was easy to communicate.

As I said, come and feel the dynamic for yourself. From Amsterdam, this is Yue.


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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