A weekend in France: Travel Tips

1.Prepare adequate cash with you. A lot of places do not take credit card. Street artists and some restaurants did not, even my hostel did not. I took out some cash there. My bank charges me transaction fee and currency exchange fee.

2.Always have a debit card. Just in case you will need to withdraw cash, debit card is way better than credit card.

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A night in Monaco: post-F1 & party

The sun came out at almost sunset. The city is just a huge party. The last train we took back to Nice was full of drunkards. Besides drunk people or people getting drunk in the city, the next obvious features are that the harbor is full of huge yachts and service trunk for F-1 is packing to leave the city. What a scene from Monte Carlo and the track!!

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A weekend in France: Nice and Èze part

We arrived at Nice pretty late but we decided to walk around anyway. Our hostel is very close to the train station and only 15 minutes walk to the beach. The premenade next to the beach is full of restaurants and bars. Crowds gathered because there was a football game. Everybody was cheered up in the cool and nice weather. Street artists was selling hand-made jewelry. Most of them was very pretty. It was hard to hold back the impulsion of buying something.

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A weekend in France: Lyon part

I was so lucky and so unlucky this past weekend in France. My friend and I run into some interesting exhibition and the annual Monaco Formula 1. The most lucky part of this is that we didn’t even know these two things were there. We were also very unlucky because we missed two of our connecting trains.
We stopped at Lyon first. There were a lot to see, to explore in the Vieux Ville. We walked for more than 15km every day we were there. The weather was very nice and sunny, but a bit hot at noon or to stand in the sunlight.

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One day in Lausanne

Lausanne is about 45 minutes train ride from Geneva. It’s a perfect day trip destination. The city is famous for a lot of things: Olympic Capital, wine-growing region, Higher Education, art and etc. I was only able to glance into this amazing city in the one-day trip.

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Two days in Amsterdam

My friends and I spent two days explore Amsterdam. I can proudly say I went to every place I wanted to go. Obviously, there are still a lot of interesting place worth exploring, but I am very content with my first time traveling in Amsterdam.

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Day Trip- Gruyères/Broc-Fabrique/Bulle

In the drizzling rain, we went on our journey. The two hours and half train ride was so much fun. It’s way shorter then I thought it is. You are changing trains like buses back home. One thing I absolutely love about here is the punctuality. Every train and tram is so on time. It makes me feel respected and I feel like my time is cherished.
The view on the way there is amazing. Lake Geneva (Lac Léman) is right by the track. We were full on tourism mode: Kept taking photos. The photos are not as good as the actual view. First of, the window blocks the color. Also, it was raining, so everything is a little bit blurry.

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