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Sojourners, people who stay in a new country generally need to adjust and adapt into a new culture. I am experiencing it right now. Comforting from friends and trying to be open to new environment definitely helped. I want to share this video story to let more people know about this. 


Cultural Adjustment: U-Curve

There are typical patterns that most people’s experiences will follow. Researches find a 4H model which a majority of sojourners experience. For many years, It is described as a U-curve. Recent years, it is described more of a W-curve because individuals often find themselves adjusting and adapting, and then adjusting and adapting again.


Cultural Adjustment: W-Curve

Interviewing some international students who have been studying, working and living in the U.S. for different period of time, I was able to revise my own experiences as well as listen to others stories. The process of sharing was interesting. I was happy that I chose this topic.