Cultural Adjustment Experiences

Sojourners, people who stay in a new country generally need to adjust and adapt into a new culture. I am experiencing it right now. Comforting from friends and trying to be open to new environment definitely helped. I want to share this video story to let more people know about this.  Continue reading “Cultural Adjustment Experiences”


A weekend experiencing new firsts in Chicago

My roommates and I went to Chicago last weekend. It was purely a decision without a second thought. We didn’t plan our trip thoroughly as we always do, though we did book our train tickets and hotel. We didn’t even think about if we can finish our homework in time, let alone prepare for upcoming exams. Due to the lack of preparation and research, we had something unexpected. Nothing bad happened, a lot of first time experiences. Anyway, we did have a great time. I love my roomies.  Continue reading “A weekend experiencing new firsts in Chicago”

Careful for Chinese characters that are ON you!

To choose a Chinese character as your tattoo or on your T-shirt can be very cool and badass, but this also can be a showcase of bravery. A lot of Chinese characters are mistranslated when it comes to tattoos. Also, unlike T-shirts, tattoos are with you for a very long time.  Continue reading “Careful for Chinese characters that are ON you!”