Uncovering Washington DC

When traveling, besides popular tourism sites, I always want to dig into local people’s life.

You can experience what it is like to live in the place if you go try drinking in a local bar. Unfortunately, that’s not an option for me currently. Not 21 yet. Sad…

So instead, I go to parks. Watch people jogging or walking their dogs. I went to the Georgetown Waterfront Park and saw people canoeing in the river. I saw people siting and chatting in some outdoor river bank restaurants. Afternoon sunlight was warm, the park was quiet with only people chatting as background music.

Metro stations are fun place to explore too. Street artists play music in the station or right outside of stations. Some of them asks for money, some just want to get discovered. Stop and listen, most of the time it would make your day better.


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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