My first Hostel experience

During spring break, I went to Washington DC for a 5-day trip. I ventured by choosing to stay at a hostel. To save money for starter, and to seek potential companion as well, because I was traveling alone this time. My first time experience staying at a hostel during trip actually out very well. Way better than I expected it would be. 

Never traveled alone before, my parents worried about me staying at a hostel. I was anxious as well before I actually went. So I do want to share my experience staying at a hostel.

Tips for hostel stay

Shared accommodation is alright. Try to make compromises and think in others’ shoe, you will be fine. If you need to get up really early in the morning, pack your bag the night before. If you come back really late, try to quiet and do not turn on the light. Use the torch on your phone would be a better idea.

With four to six in one room, it would’t be spacious enough for everyone to hang their coat or jacket and spread their stuff all over. So leave them in your suitcase or bag and keep the room tidy would benefit yourself and your random roommate.

Those are not ideal, but another thing you have in return would be getting to know new people. Listening to there story is what I love about staying there. The conversation always  start from “where are you from?” and “what are you doing here?” Then the conversation will easily go further and further.

Dupont Stay in Washington

I chose Dupont Stay for the following reasons, and it turned out to be a smart decision to call.

The first thing is always about location, location, location. Dupont Circle is a quiet and beautiful neighborhood to stay at and to have a better glimpse into Washington DC. Also, within five minutes, you can reach the metro station.

Secondly, the owner of Dupont Stay seems to care about their guests. When booking, guest can have a chance to talk to them directly via email. Ask them your specific concerns and maybe tell them your special requirements. Chances are they will comply for you to their best.

Thirdly, it was pretty cheap comparing with hotels in the area.

Hostel now is an option for me now. Only that to find a right hostel to stay is sometimes harder than a hotel.

Airbnb will probably be my next first time experience. Who knows…





Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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