For international students, It’s OK to be different

This is the seventh month I have spent in the U.S. as an “outsider.” I am soaked in the U.S. culture and society, but awkwardness and the sense of exclusion never fade away.

I feel awkward when people com- plain about the temperature. “Shoot, It’s going to be 48 tomorrow!” I don’t know if this is too hot or too cold. I have been using centigrade all my life. How am I going to respond?
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A bite of Georgetown Cupcake

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My first Hostel experience

During spring break, I went to Washington DC for a 5-day trip. I ventured by choosing to stay at a hostel. To save money for starter, and to seek potential companion as well, because I was traveling alone this time. My first time experience staying at a hostel during trip actually out very well. Way better than I expected it would be.  Continue reading “My first Hostel experience”

Is Leap Year that special?

Today is Feb. 29: the weirdest day and the best day. I feel weird and kind of annoying because you always need to remember to re-adjust your watch. It is also the best day because you somehow feel today is an extra day as a bonus. You don’t necessarily feel heavy duty and responsibility in a way.

I personally as a Chinese didn’t feel the blessing before. The wonderful feeling is from people around me today.  Continue reading “Is Leap Year that special?”

My first Skate tubing experience and my first school bus ride

My friends and I went to skate tubing two weeks ago. It was so much fun. This is actually my first time doing this. I never tried this in China before.

I am afraid of height actually, so I scream like hell the first two slide down. My friends were deafen by me, and they mocked me relentlessly on our ride back. 😦

Not only the skating tubing is something I have never done before, also riding in a school bus. Webster University got a school bus for the round trip. Continue reading “My first Skate tubing experience and my first school bus ride”