My first SuperBowl experience

I found something interesting and new to me from SuperBowl. I didn’t actually watched it because I know nothing about the rules, but I did search on YouTube for the Lady Gaga’s national anthem performance, commercials and halftime show.*National Anthem: This is probably the first time I listened to the U.S. national anthem from the beginning to the end. A few things seem weird to me.

  1. Gaga sang very good with strong personal characteristics. But to me, national anthem should stick to the original version.
  2. To choose a pop singer to sing national anthem is a bit weird. Her outfit, her make-up and her nails were too dramatic, therefore I thought it was no serious enough for national anthem.
  3. People applauded in between when it showed the clip of Afghanistan air force base and soldiers. I guess people applauded for the people who is serving the country, but they should keep quiet and serious when singing the national anthem.

These are from the perspective of a Chinese. To me, these were weird, but maybe I am weird here in the U.S.

*Halftime Show and performers

I loved Coldplay, Beyoncé and Bruno Mars and their performances. I had goosebumps up from the very beginning.

One thing I noticed that we very interesting. The videographer and Chris Martin seem to be very nice guy. They were so friendly to Bruno Mars. I say “friendly” in a different way.

The videographer tried to shoot from the bottom or from the front. He or she tried to avoid any overlook point of view for Bruno which was so nice. Bruno is short, obviously. To shoot him from the bottom can actually make him look taller. Chris Martin, the lead vocal from Coldplay was nice too. He kept singing with his upper body down a bit when he was with Bruno. Try so hard to eliminate the gap. Bruno should really say “thank you”.


I never knew commercials were that important for Super Bowl. People even expected them to come out. I found out about this because they were all over the social media and we talked about this in my mass communication class. Most of them were very good actually.

I think those commercials are the ones that bind Americans together again. They share some national value and beliefs. As media messages are so diversified these days, Super Bowl commercials actually target on every demographic and make them nationwide-accepted ideas. Some inspiring and encouraging information did get to everybody. They represent the American culture in a way. For example, the one with Serena Williams, the famous tennis player, was so American in my point of view. (#DefyLabels) That one were just full of pursuing freedom and individualism.




Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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