Monkey King came to New York, CCTV’s Spring Festival missed him

The performer of Monkey King 30 years ago became famous again recently. This year is the year of money in Chinese lunar calendar. People would love to see him perform again and repel all the evil aside for us. Just give us something positive for the new year.

There were heated discussions on Chinese social media calling for the performer Liu Xiao Ling Tong come to CCTV’s Spring Festival Gala. Rumor had it that he would come, and then rumor had it that we wouldn’t come. Finally, we know there is nothing to expect about him because he was invited to New York to celebrate the Chinese New Year with local Chinese people.

I felt very sad and disappointed about this. 

As the official TV station that express official image and represent the will of the people, CCTV’s gala this year is very boring and disappointing. The fact that they didn’t invite Monkey King made me feel even hopeless for this.

On January 28, rumor has it that Aaron Kwok (Fucheng Guo) and “6th Little Master” will be on stage. Both of them have performed Monkey King in film and TV series respectively. Then, they all claimed they were not invited.

Hearing this, heated discussion on Weibo call for “6th Little Master” and the performer also announce that he would love to perform at the Gala if invited.

A famous character online Nima Wang, the founder of Rage Comic post an article on which express the will of the people. Some sentence in that article is so true and touching, and when I am thinking about it now, I feel even more upset.

Wang said “what else can be more appropriate than having Monkey King, the widely-accepted character who has huge impact on several generations, perform on the stage which reaches to every Chinese in the world in the year of Monkey which comes 12 years in a cycle? It would feel so nice to see him repel evils and demons and sadness.” Wang also quoted from the beloved prime minister Enlai Zhou, “People love to see this. You don’t like it, who the hell are you?!” And this is exactly what I want to say to the director of the gala.

I apologize that the translation is not good enough. I can only translate the meaning. I can’t fully express the emotions that carry within the words. But one thing for sure, this was really a big thing.

The story ended when the news broke out that Monkey King would perform in New York. I feel sorry for this. It seems to me that we pay less attention to this than people living outside of China’s soil. Though I am currently in the U.S., I would still want to see him at my homeland. “Sixth Little Master” even made it to the UN headquarters which shows attention. The comparison just made me feel so disappointed and upset.

*One thing I think I need to explain. People all know how important spring festival is for Chinese people but how important is this spring festival gala?  According to the statistics, around 30% of the household and about 700 million people watch this gala on Chinese new year’s eve, and that is only the people and households watching this gala in China. The number will be bigger if counting Chinese people living overseas, like me. Comparing data with SuperBowl, only about 100 million people watch it. That’s how important that is.

*This is a mini commercial-movie from Pepsi for Chinese new year and the year of monkey, based on real story of “6th Little Master”. I cried. Please go and have a look at it.


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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