Come and get one!

Power Ball is announcing the winner for the 1.5 billion dollar bonus tonight. Many people went to places and got on board this afternoon right before it announces. According to what I saw at Schnucks, some people really took this seriously and some just wanted to get on board and play.

A lady was there righting on the card and seriously picking her numbers. Maybe she even knew how to do the math to get a better bet on it.

On the contrary, a middle age man came in and gave ten dollars to the girl at the counter and asked for numbers. He didn’t even know how much is one play. Well, there is so much fun and ten dollars is not too much at all. I would say “why not?”

A friend of mine also bet on one and I hope the very best of her, but we all know that this is not really gonna happen to her. Good luck anyway!!


At last, I have to say people just need to hold on to their sanity if one of them out there is the chosen one. Use those money wisely is all I want to say to the winner.

Let’s wait and see. It seems we all know what is the headline of tomorrow’s paper.

p.s The power ball here is not like what we have in China. I guess people are generally more conservative in China than here in the States. Lottery never won that much attention. Generally speaking, getting involved in lottery is not something good in Chinese culture. It is seen as opportunists and winners wouldn’t gain respect because the money is not from their own hard work.





Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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