Ice Water everywhere

As I mentioned in the earlier blasts, I went to the ER to get my friend’s eyes treated. One thing I noticed was interesting. The nurse provided my friend a cup of ice water with actual ice cubes in it. I believe it’s their way of showing care, but it was a complete misery for us. I will remember my friend’s distorted face forever. She was crying due to her condition, but I believe she actually wanted to cry because of the ice water.

I noticed several times that how much American people love ice. When having soda, people tend to have even more ice than soda. I once saw an old man, probably in his eighties, chewed on ice cubes. In our sense, this looks like suicide for people his age. 

On the flight to the US, the flight attendant gave me the orange juice I ordered and I forgot to tell her that I want no ice. The long flight was already miserable, and the ice made it even worse.

For us Chinese, it is always tea. No matter how small, how poor condition a restaurant you are in, hot tea is always there. The young generation is not that into hot drinks, but my father’s generation would even have hot tea in the intense summer. My family carries this tradition. Under the strong influence of my family, I am so much into hot stuff. I have my thermos with me all the time. Winter here in St. Louis is cold, and Summer indoors is cold as well. The smartest investment I made is this thermos.

I would not say “another thing to adjust to” this time, but I will learn not to be surprised and have the idea of “no ice” with me whenever I order.


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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