Booming Industry Chain: Birth Tourism

Chinese mothers-to-be would pay up to 50,000 dollar to a birth tourism agency to deliver their babies in the U.S. Agencies help their clients usher through visa process, and provide pre and post natal services, and relevant documents including birth certificate. Nowadays, their services even grow to kid’s school entrance and household immigration when the “anchor baby” finally turn 21.

Babies ever born in the U.S. will automatically have U.S. citizenship. Reasons for people choosing birth tourism vary, but this is the first step to start their huge, long-term and ambitious plan. This matter can be dark in the shadows for the Americans, but this is pretty out in the open in China. One can easily find advertisement information online in China.

One TV news piece I watched online can be misleading and I would love to point it out. Well, now I am almost accustomed to the misleadings**. Continue reading “Booming Industry Chain: Birth Tourism”


China in Americans’ minds

There are a thousand China in a thousand people’s eyes. What Chinese people think about the outsiders opinion to us can be totally different with the real Western minds. As an international student, I witnessed misunderstandings. Due to shallow understanding or even lack of knowledge, the Chinese stereotypes  root in American people’s mind.  Continue reading “China in Americans’ minds”

Bottomline in class

I recently noticed a girl knitting in one of my class. The professor seemed perfectly ok with this. Doing things this casual in class in China can be very disrespectful. From my experiences with professors from many different places, it seems every culture or even say every individual has their own taboo and bottomline in class. Continue reading “Bottomline in class”

The “bridge” for little Dorian

Eight-year-old Dorian Murray fought cancer for four years. This brave little boy’s last wish was to see himself famous in China. He wanted to see people holding D-STRONG on that “bridge”, the Great Wall in China. After his parents posted this on Facebook, the information spread very quickly. Within only 48 hours, there was 1.24 billion times reading, over 500,000 times discussion and about 2,343,000 likes on Weibo and Wechat, China’s social media platform. Pictures with D-STRONG flooded and little Dorian’s dream came true.  Continue reading “The “bridge” for little Dorian”

Misleading News Stories about Taiwan Issue

Western media’s coverage about the recent Taiwan issue can be misleading. Several incidents happened this week and last week led to the outcry of massive Chinese cyber citizens. Heated discussions on Weibo, a Chinese version of Twitter, and Facebook brought this issue about Taiwan Independence up a notch.  Continue reading “Misleading News Stories about Taiwan Issue”

Ice Water everywhere

As I mentioned in the earlier blasts, I went to the ER to get my friend’s eyes treated. One thing I noticed was interesting. The nurse provided my friend a cup of ice water with actual ice cubes in it. I believe it’s their way of showing care, but it was a complete misery for us. I will remember my friend’s distorted face forever. She was crying due to her condition, but I believe she actually wanted to cry because of the ice water.

I noticed several times that how much American people love ice. When having soda, people tend to have even more ice than soda. I once saw an old man, probably in his eighties, chewed on ice cubes. In our sense, this looks like suicide for people his age.  Continue reading “Ice Water everywhere”