Conversational Interviews

I had two projects for classes and interviews for them were the best I had for this whole semester. I did think about why I felt like that and here are some possible explanations. 

One of the interviews was with a coordinator from a memory care provision. Neosha is a very caring person. I learned a lot from her personally. It wasn’t like an interview but more of a chat. The topic was about Alzheimer’s disease, kind of heavy. I experienced this because my grandma is suffering from dementia. I personally found questions to talk about and it carried feelings. I cared and so I wanted my audience care about this. Speaking of this, I have to mention the film Still Alice. That film is my goal, though there is no way that a news story be as moving and touching as a movie.

So, enough of random feelings. The reason I felt great about this interview is that I got this chance to open to someone who know all about this whom I was supposed to be listening to. The real feeling is always the best way to reduce the distance between people. Even total strangers weirdly.

Another interview I had was with a new friend. I am not sure if I can call her friend for now. She was the heroine for the profile I am doing. I assumed she felt comfortable talking to me as well. I was so happy that people was talking about things that is deep within. She was not faking her answers. She did open to me. I felt the sense of trust which made me feel so great.

I do believe for this second interview, the reason I felt comfortable is also because that we had a conversational interview. It’s not a professional talking in which one needs to be careful for whatever one talks about. It doesn’t mean that my way of asking and the setting of the camera and the usage of lavaliere mic is not professional.

I think I will remember this two interviews for a longer time than some other ones. And I hope I can continue doing interviews like this. Lesson learned for myself. 🙂


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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