Last week was a busy week for me. I had quizzes for class and I am in the process of getting my driver’s license in the United States. Although it’s just for the written test, vision test and road sign test, it’s still a lot of material to remember, let alone English is not my mother tongue. I passed it smoothly which was so good. It was fun to know more stuff and gain more knowledge.

I asked a friend to take me and my roommates for a test drive before the real test. I was so excited that I can finally DRIVE!!!

Anyway, if I can borrow a car, I will go and finish the final step for the actual driving test. Well it is not the test that worries me. I am a licensed driver back in Beijing for more than two years. And trust me, traffic condition is way much better comparing with Beijing. I just hope I can find a car for the test. Wish me luck!!