The link here is my discoveries about this trip to New York. I have to say I enjoyed the trip a lot and the film editing as well.

A few things I remember about New York generally. First, there are just too many pigeons. Second, there are so many hot guys, no matter little, young or old. I didn’t mean their face but the way they dress and deal with their hair. Cool and cute. Well, ladies are beautifully dresses too, especially grannies. Third, Duane Reade are all over the place. You see that shop every other corner on the street. So convenient. Fourth, the subway system is just so old and some place it is just not very scientifically designed comparing to Beijing system. Maybe I am just showing off of Beijing, but anyway. New York subway also smells, but it is very convenient above all. Fifth, south american people and immigrants  are all over in New York. I even feel there are more of them than american people. And they speak awful English. I mean if your job needs communication, at least speak clearly. I felt a lot of pressure when I ordered food. One last thing, don’t ever condemn Chinese people J-walking across the street. Everyone in New York does this, Ok?

P.s. the video explains this much better. Do go and have a look at it.