Conversational Interviews

I had two projects for classes and interviews for them were the best I had for this whole semester. I did think about why I felt like that and here are some possible explanations.  Continue reading “Conversational Interviews”


Black Friday Shopping

We went for Black Friday Shopping on Thursday night!!! I was crazy, but not as crowded as thought It would be. It’s understandable. I am from China though. 😦

We went to two malls actually: West County Mall and Premium Outlets which is a lot far away. The huge discounts did make this drive worthy. Discounts in Kate Spade and Coach were pretty good. All of us get some pretty great bargains. We ended up a full trunk and it was a pretty big trunk.

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My first Thanksgiving

This year’s thanksgiving, I got invited to a friend’s house with my four other friends. I spent some great time with the Adams who I first met. They were so nice. Each of them have their uniqueness. It’s very easy that you like them.There house was soooooo beautiful, and the food was amaaaazing too!!

We visited their garden. Though it’s winter, but you can find some very adorable settings. Grandpa Ron introduced it to us. In his words, I found some hints of his deep affection to grandma Grace.

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First Snow

St. Louis just snowed Saturday. First snow is kind of my thing. I am always so happy when it snows for the first time in winter. I feel peace and hope. That’s what I love about snow. I never missed the first snow in Beijing but I just missed it. Sad for Beijing but I witnessed the first snow in St. Louis where I call home for now.

I find some very beautiful pictures after it snows in Beijing. The Great Wall and the Palace Museums. It just made me miss Beijing more.


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Thanksgiving is coming!!

I am a bit excited about my first Thanksgiving season in the U.S. People can be very serious about this. For me, it is just a few more days of holiday and a black Friday shopping which I might want to cut my hands off just in case I spend too much online. Continue reading “Thanksgiving is coming!!”