Day 3

we went to tons of places today. Nearly walked our legs off. The cold wind at night made me freezing.

In the morning, we went to take the ferry to the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island. It was so cool. We just couldn’t stop taking selfies.

After this ferry trip, we went to the Wall Street. We touched the bull’s balls. I feel I am gonna be rich soon.

We also saw the NY stock exchange and the federal reserve bank. So cool.

The 9/11 memorial and museum is very sad. I learned something new about that tragedy today. I was too young then. Although I don’t completely believe in the value US wants to spread out to the world, I believe in peace and anti-terrorism. Maybe just another way of doing that.

China town was so much fun. We went to 敬宾海鲜酒楼. It was a bit expensive but I think it had more value to us. You hear Chinese. You use Chinese to talk to the waitresses. You heard Chinese music in there. And more of all, you ate Chinese food. It was very delicious.

Lastly, we spent the whole evening at the Brooklyn bridge. We took a lot of pictures, silly ones. We walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It took us almost 45 minutes. Feel so good. A bit cold.

P.s. We planned many other interesting things to do tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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