Day 1

The first day in NYC was so much fun. We managed a lot of places. From Times Square to high line to the downtown neighborhood and a off-Broadway show. Eventually at sundown, we went to the freaking Empire State Building. The view was splendid, just a bit too cold.

Times square is full of tall buildings and I feel like sunshine is never gonna reach the ground. We got our New York City pass and the broadway show tickets there.

Highline in the noon. We enjoyed a lot of sunshine. Highline was reconstructed for tourism from a subway line. Street art and sculpture around.

This off-broadway show is called Alice in Wonderland. And you know what happened judging from the name. Us four were the only adult group there. Children were all over. I felt strange. The show is so interesting and it made me very happy. The red queen is just amazing.

After this lovely show, we when to walk around and we caught a street music festival. This best thing about this that THEY OFFER FREE FOOD. The queue was long but we got it still. The music was not bad and people seemed to enjoy it a lot. They just swing along and sang along. My friends and I were happy. Extra surprise and bargain!!

Night at the Empire State building is amazing, just a bit too cold. Tall building and night wind was killing us. The view was breathtaking. I mean everywhere is lightened up. Concrete jungle it is.

We walked about 11 km yesterday. Let’s see if we can outbeat that…. Stay tune for our day 2.


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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