Traffic jam?

I never heard about people complaining about traffic jams in St. Louis. But this is the hottest topic in Beijing. It’s almost like English people talking about weather.

Today is the last day of the seven-day-long National Day holiday. People went out for short or long distance traveling is coming back to Beijing today. The circulation on highway is outrageous. I wouldn’t say I’m surprised. Every time on the last day of holiday, highways around Beijing is going to be like this.

Though I don’t really want to admit, we drive in a more “wild” way. It’s a result of vicious circle I guess. Everybody wants to go home faster and certain minor rules are not followed, therefore severe traffic jam is no news. And when this became the norm, hehe.

When I drive in Beijing, I feel some kind of tensity. I need to be more focused than I should have be, or people will just cut me off and I can never pass. It’s not that serious but to some extent it is. I like the way people drive here. The stop sign is my new favorite. Even late at night or nobody was around, drivers stop. I feel so safe when I walk across the streets. I doubt if I can drive “wild” again when I go back to Beijing.

I love this in here but I miss Beijing. Another to adjust to.

P.s.  the following picture is from the news showing the traffic jam on a Beijing nearby highway. Go feel it.



Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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