Recent days, the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” thing adds a lot of drama to my life. It’s like everything around me has been black-and-whiten. I myself engaged in some events and I heard news from friends and in class. I also read about this in the school newspaper, The Journal. I don’t know how this started but this is not how expected the States would be like before I came. 

My instructor in Interpersonal Communication course was really angry about that “ALL LIVES MATTER” editorial in The Journal. Back then, I didn’t quite get the point. Then I went to the Spike Lee event. To my surprise, the questions to him was almost all about the black/white issue. Few people care about him as a prominent director. Even one girl asked how he thought about the phrase “black out”. Did he think it a sort of discrimination towards african american. That is a little bit too much, isn’t it? Then my friend told me when they were having the night class last Tuesday, a group of students were shouting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in the hallway like some sort of campaign. And yesterday on my way home, I saw a board stick to the ground with the word “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on it. And the case study for press conference, the teacher chose the Ferguson thing.

I know this is a serious event in America, especially the Ferguson heat is not off yet. But this is not what I expected. I know the race problem in the US is a long-lasting issue and will never easily come to an end, but this is a little bit too much for me.

I am not being aloof here. I sincerely understand the pain and torture in the hearts. I come from Asia. To some people’s eye and under this social norm, we are thought to be weak and disrespectful. I am one of the target group as well. Anyway, my goal in these two years studying in America is to stay out of trouble. So when people ask me about this, I may say no comment.

P.s. the following picture is the board I saw on my way home. Sarcastically, the white pole being it says “wish the world peace.”



Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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