Different Life for sure

Two weeks ago, I attended an very interesting fair. MCISA host the first gathering for the International Friendship Program. My community friend is a lovely family. Sean, Julie and Olivia King. Julie, the mom want her daughter Olivia to be more familiar to Chinese culture. Olivia is originally from Hubei Province, China.

I have to say Olivia has a totally different life here in the United States than she would probably have in China. Although I’m not sure about it, major things I can predict. 

Olivia plays soccer every Saturday for her school team. And she gets really tanned. But I know she may never grow her interest in playing soccer or get tanned in China. Chinese girls normally don’t do competitive sports games. We are more quiet. People will judge if you are too “energetic”. Chinese girls love to be white and pale. Sun lotion and hats are musts in the Summer. We can love sunshine, but we’ll never love sun tanned.

Olivia learns three instruments for now. Piano, violin and clarinet, I believe. Fortunately, she will only know one if she lives in China. Chinese parents want their children to be versatile, but they want their children to study well the most. Her weekends would be filled with extracurricular activities, from Mathematical Olympiad to English and an instrument class. Probably no time for growing an interest for her own. Not soccer at least. I know it because my life was like that. It’s not miserable. I learned a lot and it was useful. But it’s just a bit boring.

Anyway, I hope we can have some quality time together. I really like them.

P.s. I already invited them to come to my apartment for Mid-autumn Festival. We will have dumplings together. Looking forward to it. I might blog about it. 233




Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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