Night walk

Today I went out for a long walk after dinner. I was so happy that I made the right decision. Instead of taking a shower and sitting at the desk to study or surf the internet, I allowed myself an adventure in the nearby blocks. I walked for nearly 40 minutes and it was drizzling. It looked a bit blue and oppressive with the rain and being all alone, but it was almost the happiest moment recently. I stretched my body and calmed my nerves.

I wandered around in the neighborhood near our apartment. Trying to make this an exercise, I walked fast and jogged in between. I know population is rather small in the United States, but it never occurred to me that I may encounter almost no one in this whole forty minutes. The only two people I met were a young lady and an elderly man. The young lady was walking her dog and we briefly nodded at each other. The elderly man was purposely encountered actually. So technically he doesn’t count. He did’t notice me until I asked him which way would lead me back to my apartment.

Comparing to what the situation would be like in Beijing, my hometown, I felt quite odd. If you try to take a walk, the most frequent scenario is that you find many people are doing the exact same thing and follow the exact same path as you. The densified population make sure for that.

The thin population is another thing to adjust to. But spending almost my entire life in Beijing, I pretty much like here. Hope I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable when getting back to my beloved hometown. Ehehe

Another thing, I was convinced that I wouldn’t feel awed for houses after three weeks here. But I get awed tonight. Those were not houses, they were castles in my sense. They were not only very big, but also uniquely designed. Most houses have very beautiful gardens and those can only be seen if you walk deep enough into the narrow pathway. I felt happy when seeing the lovely plants.

I understand that Webster Groves is a rather rich neighborhood, but having a separate house like this is even not imaginable for Beijingers. For normal people, to buy a three-bedroom apartment in town would probably take the entire family 30 years to pay back the loan. And separate house are for super rich to possess. So viewing houses here are like ultimate dreams come (although it’s not mine). Anyway, another thing to adjust to. I need to accustom myself to the “richness” around.


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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