Luxurious lifestyle

Although my apartment looks a bit shabby from the outside. Inside “luxury” is what I did’t expect before I came here.

I never thought about 24/7 central air conditioning and 24/7 warm water for shower and bath. Concerning the famous A.O.Smith advertisement, I expect a 60L water heater. I never thought about owning a dishwasher. How can one possibly expect one for a student apartment. Although we never used it, it’s still cool enough to exhibit. Do you know what a “CRUSHER” is for? To deal with leftover and remains in your water tank. I’ve never seen this kind of thing for my entire life until I learn about this from my friend this week. I tried to crush a chicken bone with this and it worked. How mighty!!

You may thought I’m a red neck, but the realistic lifestyle for Chinese (and most people in many countries)  are not like this at all. If we have the so-called dishwasher, daughter-in-law have no chance to show their diligence and industry. Dish washing is considered to be a huge task when families gather together to have dinner. And I don’t even know what can compare with the mighty CRUSHER.

The way American lifestyle consumes electricity and water is what I may never accustom to. In the summertime of Beijing, electricity plants need to work much harder to provide enough electricity for increasing air conditioning usage. But what I experience here was freezing to death by AC in Chicago airport during the night. I never heard of the concept of electricity bill or water bill here, and I guess Americans have plenty of resources to live the luxurious life.

Another thing to adjust to, but I promise I wouldn’t indulge myself in this luxury. I think we need to save it for others and for the next generation.


Author: Yue Zhang

Graduate student currently studying at University of Westminster, London. For my passion in storytelling, I am adventuring abroad to learn more.

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