In my MEDC2800 Cultural Diversity in the Media class, we discussed about racially previleged and targeted groups. It’s a very awkward topic and according to the description of the course, it’s inevitable. I still remember the tense I felt in that room.

I can sense it that the teacher was trying to ease the tense because “black and white” are mixed in the class. Any inappropriate word would probably start a fight. He used a squarrel example that regardless how it looks like, it’s a squarrel so does human race. But I want to say that as a teacher and it was in class, you don’t have to say all that to comfort people. We all know what the situation is like right now and we are adults so we can treat it academically in class. He made me feel uncomfortable by saying those things. It’s hypocrisy even.

In my point of view, Americans are quite straight-forward. Him setting prerequisites is out of my understanding towards Americans. Another things to adjust to that not all the Americans are straight-forward.

As an Asian student, we are also part of the target group. We are sometimes ignored as “minority”. We are thought to be weak and physically short. We are the outsiders of the mainstream, at the beginning of interpersonal communications at least. But I have to say that we are not. Chinese are tough. You can go and have a look at our military parade!! Check CCTV 中文 on Youtude.