An evening with Spike Lee


Loretto-Hilton Center, 09/28/15 7:30p.m.

Fortunately enough I got the ticket for this event. To be honest, I had no idea who Spike Lee was when I first got the ticket. After googled him, I felt the excitement. He really is a big name. However, this entry is about how I felt for the event, the atmosphere, not him particularly. Continue reading “An evening with Spike Lee”


Generous Compliments

Yesterday, I went to the Centennial Time Capsule Installation Ceremony. It was so much fun. I was so happy that I can witness this historic moment. Thanks to Eileen, I was forced to go in the beginning due to her assignments. But I enjoyed it a lot actually.  Continue reading “Generous Compliments”

complex English

Earlier this week, I was reading a textbook. It tried to explain the communication barriers between people. It used an example about six blind people touching an huge elephant and none of them can fully describe how exactly an elephant is like. And the six of them have a quarrel. It took the writer of the textbook about half of the page to tell this story. I feel so tried reading it. We have the exact story in Chinese, and we used to refer to this story in only FOUR characters: 盲人摸象.  Continue reading “complex English”

Different Life for sure

Two weeks ago, I attended an very interesting fair. MCISA host the first gathering for the International Friendship Program. My community friend is a lovely family. Sean, Julie and Olivia King. Julie, the mom want her daughter Olivia to be more familiar to Chinese culture. Olivia is originally from Hubei Province, China.

I have to say Olivia has a totally different life here in the United States than she would probably have in China. Although I’m not sure about it, major things I can predict.  Continue reading “Different Life for sure”

DIY shop

IMG_0206 IMG_0200

I went to the Jazz and Blues Festival with the King’s, my community friends this Saturday. It was good! The weather has made it even better. During the interval of the stages, Julie, the mom showed me a very interesting shop. This is a shop where you can make cute DIY stuff. You can make an one-of-a-kind necklace for your own. You can use a zipper and some buttons to make a zipper flower. It will look good for a decoration. I saw self decorating chairs and lamps. They were unique and also very beautifully designed. I may probably try one when I have more time.  Continue reading “DIY shop”