Find some Chinese characters!!

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On my way back to my apartment, I found a very interesting setting around corner. There is a pole with Chinese characters on and it conveys sweet idea. How lovely! Sweet little community, Webster Groves!!


How colorful grannies’ lives are!!

In the two weeks studying and living in the US, I’ve seen many elderlies. Their lives are as colorful as young people and even much better because they don’t have to worry about their jobs because they don’t have any. All their time is up to themselves which awesome. Although American culture worships youth as far as I know, grannies and grandpas enjoy life in their own slow pace.

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A different interpersonal Continuum

屏幕快照 2015-08-25 下午8.33.50
I sat in the library café this morning trying to finish reading the Chapter 1 of my interpersonal communication course. The servers in the coffee house just gave me perfect ideas of how I should interpret impersonal-interpersonal spectrum. Thanks to them, I may get an A out of it.

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Weird and Impractical Curtains

The window-shades in my bedroom is broken from the first day I live in. It’s ok, really. I just have to worry about whether I’m being watched from the outside. Apart from that, there is small gaps in between which can’t block sunlight when you try to take a nap in the afternoon. And I’ve reported it since, but the public safety told me that it is not their working priority, so I’ll have to wait until they get all the important and life-mattering things done. It’s also ok, really.

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